Hitman: Absolution

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

I finally got to play Hitman: Absolution and this game is better than the others. This game used the same gameplay from Kane & Lynch. I like this gameplay far better than other Hitman games. I played the first game on PC and the others on PS2, as so Blood Money on XBOX 360, as well.

When you are disguises as one of the guards, you are not being detected. The other sometime did detected you, but that now has been changed. When you are detected, you just put your hands up and knock out the guard when he gets to you. In this game, 47 has his own eagle vision. So, this game has little bit of Assassin’s Creed modes.

Queen’s Blade

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Queen's_Blade_Leina_coverQueen’s Blade is anime series about a female fighter going to a tournament call the Queen’s Blade. In this anime, the Gods had the men going to war on each other. So they decided that females will have matches at each other. If one of them wins the Queen’s Blade tournament, she will have the right to be the queen and rule all over the continent. In this anime, you will see scantily-clad girl running around sometimes. The girls in this anime are Leina, Risty, Tomoe, and Shizuka. Leina is the middle sister of the Vance Family. She has an older sister and a little sister. Her little sister wants to touch her breasts often. For me, I’m like, hell yeah!

Island Yakitori Sauce

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Recipes_From_The_FridgeYou might be wondering about the name of this recipe, the simple fact is that I didn’t have all 100% true ingredients and had to improvise. Even with the modifications this is an excellent grilling sauce, as you will see when you try it. As with all my cooking sauces, my wife just could not get enough of it.

Island Yakitori Sauce Ingredients

1 1/2 tbsp. garlic
4 tbsp. cane sugar
1 1/2 tsp. ginger
1/2 tsp. tapioca starch
1/2 tsp. black pepper
8 tbsp. soy sauce (1/2 cup)
3 tbsp. honey
2 tbsp. rum

I know that all of the ingredients here are not 100% traditional but with it tasting as good as it does no one is going to really car when they are eating it. It has its own unique flavor and I found it totally by accident. The recipe you see here is not the original one that I came up with but the one that reflects the wrong measurements that I did. The above is what was actually used and it tastes just oh so good.

The Sims 2

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sims 2
Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

The Sims 2 is funny and more entertaining than Call of Duty. I got away from first person shooters for a bit, and started playing this game. In this game, you are making the story about the Sims. Yes, you are a god in this game. The first thing to do in Sims 2 is to make a sim. You can make a family, but I would rather make one sim, instead making a family, or unless you want to cheat in this game. After you make your sim, find him/her a cheap house to live in. You can build a house for them. After that, have fun.

Homemade Whole Egg Mayo in a Blender

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Recipes_From_The_FridgeHere is a smart tasty mayonnaise recipe that is easy to make. You can make it any time you need to and with your regular blender that you use for drinks and smoothies. It takes in all about 15 minutes and my wife constantly begs me to make it, she thinks it tastes that good.

Before you begin you want to make sure you have a blender that is multi speed. You may wonder why this is so or why not make a large batch at once, the answer is simple, heat. I once tried to make a large batch and wound up with oily scrambled eggs instead of a spreadable condiment. If you have speeds that are too fast or the blender has to work too hard the oil will heat us and not create the emulsion that you need. It will literally cook your eggs instead of blending it with the ingredients that you use.